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Monday 25 Jul 16

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Tuseday and Thursday Rides
Posted on Thursday 26 May 16
  • If you are free Tuesday or Thursday mornings you are very welcome to join the group that meets at the 'Waitrose roundabout' (A4/Oxford Rd). Weather permitting the runs start at 10am. The runs are about 40 miles with, normally, a refreshment break on route. The route and destination are decided on the day.
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    Notice Posted by Brian Tate
    This notice expires on Tuesday 20 Jun 17

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  • New Handicap Points Trophy Event 7 on 20/07/2016 : (Posted 25 Jul 16)  N Patrikios 8; S Dawes 4; R Elliott 3; G Prosser 2; Everyone else 1 point. Leaders after 7 events Andy Laycock 28; Owen Abery 19; Graham Prosser 17; Richard Bennett 11; Nestor Patrikios 10

  • SUNDAY CLUB RUN START TIMES : (Posted 30 Jun 16)  The original plan was to have a 2 month trial with an 8.30 start (i.e. June and July), followed by a review. It has been suggested that we extend the 8.30 start to August as welland then resuming to 9:00 in September. Please email Neil Taylor on your views on 1 The 8:30 start in general 2 Extending it to August

  • TONY'S RIDE TO THE SUN : (Posted 14 Jun 16)  Due to work commitments Tony Silver's ride to the sun this Sunday (19th June) has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled at a later date so watch out for further details.

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  • Wednesday 27 Jul 16 19:00:00 Time Trial -- Trophy : SPO : SPW Wickham Heath Circuit :

  • Sunday 31 Jul 16 08:30:00 Club Run (About 60 miles) :
    Crofton Beam Engines (Meet at Newbury Market Place)

  • Sunday 31 Jul 16 08:30:00 Club Run (About 45 miles) :
    Hawk Conservancy - Weyhill (Meet at Newbury Market Place)

  • Tuesday 2 Aug 16 00:00:00 Club Run Elevenses - Savages Garden Centre, Blewbury :
    Monday Club Run

  • Wednesday 3 Aug 16 19:00:00 Time Trial -- Trophy : H West of Newbury - Hungerford :

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    Timekeeping can be FUN!
    Newbury Road Club
    10 mile Time Trial
    6th September 2006
    Copyright Tony Titcombe

    Timekeeping can be FUN!<br>Newbury Road Club<br>10 mile Time Trial<br>6th September 2006

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    26th Jul at 11:06am Hefin Jones
    Anyone here been and done a club event on H10/8? Thinking of doing the Farnham one tonight but there's no mention of where the sign on and parking is. They welcoming of other club riders there?


    26th Jul at 15:24pm Clifford Voller
    Tomorrows TT is on HCC248, a sporting course circuit of 14.7 miles. Parking and start are at the junction of Hoe Benham lane and the B4000. Any volunteers for a spot of marshalling would be appreciated, two places can be a little exciting on this course, the left turn BEFORE the pub in Hungerford Newtown, it's not dangerous but easy to fly past. The place that needs great care is where the lane emerges onto the A4 this does need a marshal. Weather; 8mph. wind due west, 19 degrees, small possibility of rain, the earlier part of the day being sunshine and showers. There are piles of chippings strategically placed around the area so I will be inspecting the course directly before the event. Watch this space for further news.


    25th Jul at 13:49pm Charlie Elsey
    Power users - what's your current FTP? Just out of interest, not for bragging rights or anything else... as a new-to-power user I'm curious about FTP of others whose performances I know. FYI apparently mine is 238


    24th Jul at 21:34pm Rachael Elliott
    I couldn't help but notice piles of chippings in laybys on the B4000 near Wickham and in "our" layby on the A4 at Elcot ready to wreck, sorry, "surface dress", roads. I've scrutinised the West Berks resurfacing schedule and can't see any work planned for the main roads - although there's not a lot for the minor roads either ( Anyone know any further detail? Paul Hendry?
    Posted Link